OBDAPP interface

The OBDAPP from you offers an innovative way to adapt the adaptive air suspension of VAG vehicle models according to your personal ideas. With it you can lower the vehicle up to 3 cm or raise it up to 3 cm to suit your needs. The adjustment options are therefore almost unlimited and make it possible to adjust and balance any type of wedge and differential compensation. The OBDAPP also ensures that all dependent assistance systems are automatically calibrated so that no further steps are required.

In addition, the OBDAPP also offers a show mode that allows the air bellows to be completely vented , thus ensuring an absolute visual highlight . This is perfect for trade fairs, shows or meetings and can be deactivated at any time to restore the previously set vehicle height.

In preparation: TÜV Süd parts certificate for chassis adaptation with OBDAPP

Coming soon with TÜV Süd parts certificates for ALL of our offered or available chassis adjustments with the OBD app.

Complete list of all of our currently available and therefore supported models with the corresponding (parts certificate) / test report from TÜV Süd Auto Service GmbH.

In preparation: TÜV Süd J1 Platform:

  • Audi e-tron GT 4J / Audi RS e-tron GT 4J
  • Porsche Taycan 9J / Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo 9J

In preparation: TÜV Süd - MLB / MLBEvo platform models

  • Audi A6 4F C6, Audi A8 4E D3
  • Audi A6 4G C7, Audi A7 4G, Audi A8 4H D4
  • Audi A6 4K C8, Audi A7 4K, Audi A8 4N D5
  • Audi Q5 FY, Audi Q7 4M, Audi Q8 4M, Audi e-tron GE, VW Touareg CR, Lamborghini Urus ZL, Bentley Bentayga 4V, Bentley Flying Spur 3S
  • Porsche Macan, Porsche Panamera

In preparation: TÜV Süd - PL platform models

  • Audi Q7 4L, VW Touareg 7P, Porsche Cayenne 92A

The OBDApp interface is plugged into the OBD socket of the vehicle and enables the connection between OBDApp and the vehicle.

The OBDAPP team has put all of its know-how into the development of individual chassis control adjustment using OBDAPP in order to make the desired adjustment of the electronically regulated damper system as easy and individual as possible for users. Benefit from your decades of experience in the field of vehicle lowering and simply optimize your air suspension yourself as you wish.

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