Our solutions for adapting the factory air suspension

We offer three great solutions for adapting the air suspension to your needs:

Maximum flexibility

  1. Our Active Suspension Control module allows you to bring your car's air suspension to the depth you want within just a few moments using mobile phone control. It is fully configurable and offers maximum flexibility through the Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone. With a lowering of up to 55mm, you can customize the look of your car to your liking without having to forego any factory features.

Lowering without installation

  1. The OBDAPP is an innovative way to adapt the adaptive air suspension of VAG vehicle models according to your personal requirements. It can lower or raise the vehicle up to 3 cm and offers unlimited customization options. In addition, all dependent assistance systems are automatically calibrated, so no further steps are required. With the show mode you can even enable the air bellows to be completely vented, thus creating a visual highlight.


Practical upgrade

  1. The air suspension lowering with short coupling rods is a practical upgrade for anyone who wants an individual lowering and a sportier look. All functions of the standard air suspension are retained, so you can retrofit at any time without leaving any residue. With a lowering of up to 50mm, you can adjust your vehicle to the height you want and improve the driving dynamics. Try it now and get your car to the perfect depth for any occasion!

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