Find the right lowering for your factory air suspension

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  • Lowering module

    With Active Suspension Control
    We offer an additional control unit for BLE, our lowering module
    Air suspension installed as standard, it is lowered by up to approx. -55mm
    possible. Depending on the vehicle, up to -99mm is possible in show mode . Control via mobile phone APP.

  • OBD App

    With the OBDAPP you are now in
    This is the case for all VAG vehicle models with factory-installed air suspension
    to set the desired lowering of up to -30mm . Additionally there is a
    Show mode is available where the chassis can be deflated.

  • Coupling rods

    With our lowering set you can
    The standard air suspension can be lowered quickly and easily. No software change is necessary and can be done at any time without leaving a trace
    be retrofitted. Of course, all functions of the standard air suspension remain intact.

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